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Lincoln Healthcare Leadership, a producer of conferences and healthcare intelligence for C-level healthcare executives, seeks a Consultant to co-run one of our Intelligence Groups, virtual subscriber communities receiving content, connections and consulting services.

The Company

Lincoln Healthcare Leadership has a 23-year background in creating and running “summit-style” leadership conferences in healthcare, currently serving hospitals, nursing homes, senior living, home care and healthcare disrupters/private equity. Our conferences serve C-level management of the leading providers or players in each healthcare segment. Since the onset of Covid, we have pivoted into an important new capability for the company, launching multiple virtual Intelligence Groups of clients who receive content, connections and consulting services spanning four business areas: strategy, innovation, operational best practices and leadership.

Since 1998, Lincoln has developed a reputation for best-in-class conferences in content, in C-level networking, and in quality of experience. As we move into deeper analytic content and client consulting, Lincoln’s ability to produce exceptional conference content and community building is becoming meaningfully enhanced. As is our mission, which is: to inspire excellence in leadership, strategy and innovation, and to help healthcare providers accelerate towards value (higher quality/lower cost).

We currently have about 25 employees and are based in Southport, CT.

The Intelligence Groups

Lincoln’s Intelligence Groups were launched in response to Covid. As the pandemic shut down conference activity beginning in March 2020, we quickly pivoted to deliver virtual content to our conference clients – starting with weekly “Coronavirus Task Force” conference calls.We have since methodically added an entire suite of products, delivered free of charge this year to build up a satisfied following, before converting to paid subscribers April 1, 2021 (for nursing homes and home care segments; other segments to follow by 6+ months.) A partial list: in content, we deliver monthly video conferences, bi-weekly newsletters; in connections, we offer topical zoom calls, email groups, and a concierge connection service; in consulting, we offer a customized business diagnostic service and leadership coaching.

The Consultant Role

Each Intelligence Group is managed by a two-person team. The Consultant is the senior analyst, creating most of the content.The Director is the junior analyst, supporting in the creation of content, administrating the group, and making connections within the group.This team is also largely responsible for conference content, including session concept development, speaker recruitment, managing moderators, slide presentations, and some in-person moderating or presenting, etc. (in combination with our conference education department).

Prior healthcare experience by our Consultants is a great bonus, but is not required. We are ready to train you, both in healthcare content as well as in our processes to create conference sessions, video conference content, newsletter content, business diagnostic consulting, etc.

Travel – you can expect to attend several of Lincoln’s conferences plus some external ones in your healthcare sector – about 6-7 in total per year.

This role has excellent career advancement potential at Lincoln.

Experience and Qualities Desired
These are the most important qualities we seek:

Analytic ability. You will need to be able to “connect the dots” on concepts, generate business insights, and learn quickly.

Business sense. It is important to have a good sense of business, and of the responsibilities of the CEO (which is much our client base).Our clients are in healthcare, but at the end of the day they are running business organizations.

People/personal connection skills. You will be constantly communicating with Group members, mostly one-on-one phone calls. You make personal connections easily, are a good listener, are comfortable dealing with C-level executives, are socially diplomatic, etc.

Research skills. You enjoy a range of research, reaching out to Group members for best practices, conducting Internet searches on niche healthcare topics, reading industry news and reports, listening in on public company earnings calls, etc.

Writing skills. You are a capable writer, able to engagingly convey business insights in a bi-weekly newsletter. The more clear and concise a writer you are, the better. Plus much of our communication is via emails that must engage CEOs.

Presentation skills. You have some confidence in presenting, either on zoom calls or in-person at our conferences.

Administrative skills. With 100+ members in the Group, there is a big flow of communication, note-taking, scheduling, organizing documents and slides, etc.

Consultant orientation. The concept of being helpful to CEOs, listening to them, advising them, gaining their confidence, etc., is intrinsically rewarding to you.

Quality orientation. Lincoln’s reputation for high quality is maintained by having employees who are naturally driven to produce work of high quality.

Enthusiasm/drive/initiative. You are naturally driven and thrive on taking initiative.

About Our Culture

Lincoln’s staff work hard, strive for excellence, and find what we do meaningful and enjoyable. The work environment is collaborative, and our team members are given a great deal of autonomy to achieve goals. As we build out our Intelligence Group teams, an incoming slate of high-talent individuals will enrich both our scope of business and our culture – from highly talented conference producers to highly talented healthcare thought-leaders.

We expect a high level of commitment from our employees, and in return we believe we are an equally worthy employer. We strive to continually develop employees’ skills and foster career growth. We offer flexible hours, flexibility in office vs virtual work, competitive compensation and health benefits, and leading-edge policies in vacation time, parental leave and sabbatical leave.

Lincoln is receptive to the idea of “conscious capitalism”: having some civic responsibility beyond our employees and shareholders. Our first initiative in this direction: starting in 2019 we are donating 1% of total revenues to philanthropy - through our LincolnCares program - to charitable organizations chosen by our employees.


This position offers a competitive compensation package (salary plus incentive pay) depending on one’s prior professional and educational experience.

Please submit resume, cover letter and desired salary to careers@lincolnhc.com.